Meet Our Characters

Cinderella arrives at the ball in her dazzling blue ball with layers of shimmering tulle and chiffon, sprinkled with swarovsky crystals and organza butterflies. Her warm personality will inspire your little ones to have courage and be kind!

*Cinderella's dramatic skirt requires some extra space! Please allow plenty of room at your party location for her to move about and dance with guests. 

Prince Charming
Prince Charming is ever so handsome in his embroidered white tail coat, knickers and black riding boots. 
He is ready to charm your party guests with his gentlemanly nature and chivalry.

Beauty wears her enchanting ball gown in shades of
yellows and golds. Satin, brocade and organza fabrics
compliment handmade rosettes and delicate lace trim. She'll share her love for reading and dancing with your guests and remind them it's what's inside that counts!

*Beauty's dramatic skirt requires some extra space!
Please allow plenty of room at your party location for her to move about and dance with guests. 

Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid wear a gorgeous pink and pearl castle ballgown with a glittering starfish hairclip. 
Ariel's original mermaid version is also available
with the addition of her Sailor Prince. 
Perfect for outdor and pool parties! 
Your guests will dream about being part of her world as she shares stories and songs from under the sea. 

Sailor Prince
The little mermaid's Sailor Prince will delight with his pirate tales, *new* treasure hunt option and card magic tricks that both children and adults will enjoy! He's a fantastic addition if you have any young pirates attending your party.

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty arrives in a gorgeous pink corset bodice and A-line skirt with a sparkling floral overlay. Her lovely gown is complimented by a glittering gold crown
and necklace. With her kind manner and sweet personality, she'll have your guests singing and dancing once upon a dream!

Ice Queen
The Ice Queen can't wait to help your celebrate your own royal coronation! She'll wear her favorite blue sequin gown, glittering snowflake cape and signature blonde braid iced with snowflakes. She'll bring warmth and joy to your special day despite the chill in the air and make each guest feel like royalty. 

​​Ice Princess 
The Ice Queen's younger sister is full of spunk and charm! Dressed in her vivid green coronation gown, she's ready to delight your guests with her energetic dancing and humor!

Ice Harvest Prince

Our Ice Harvest Prince is ready for action in a handsome suede and fur tunic and Sweedish belt. Add him onto your party package with the Ice Princess or Ice Queen for an unforgettable party package! 

Island Princess
Start a new island adventure with this princess in her grass skirt, tribal tube top and signature jade heart necklace! Learn a hula dance and enjoy a spirited games with this brave princess. 


He may look intimidating, but he's kind and gentle at heart! The beast is a favorite of young princes and princesses alike. He is dressed handsomely in his royal and gold velvet tail coat.

*Please note the Beast is only available as an add-on character with Beauty. 

Snow White

 Our version of Snow White has a touch of glamour with her jeweled bodice, gold and yellow lace skirt, red velvet cape and delicate tiara. She will share stories of love and friendship and teach lessons of kindness and responsibility! 


Rapunzel looks so authentic with her 5 foot long golden braid and lavender peasant gown! She will delight you with her energy and fun loving personality. 

Rapunzel's Prince

Rapunzel's prince has a smolder you will never forget! He'll delight your young ruffians with his friendly personality and adventurous games. 


*NEW* for SUMMER 2018
Pool Party Mermaid

Pearl is now available for mermaid pool parties, indoors or outdoors! She'll swim with your little mermaids in her sparkling green tail and purple seashell top, leading water games and under the sea adventures! See our party packages for more information. 

Spanish Princess 

Enjoy spirited songs and a little flamenco dancing with our new Spanish Princess! She'll teach your little princesses that being a true queen is more than just wearing a crown. 

Arabian Princess

Dream of magic carpets and learn  Arabian dances with this spirited princess! Dressed in a modest high waist pant and beaded top, she'll sure to add sparkle to your celebration.


Treasure hunt through the "Cave of Wonders" with Aladdin! Girls and boys alike will love spending the day with this adventurous character in his brocade trimmed vest and curly toed shoes. 

Mary Poppins

Have a jolly holiday with Mary at your birthday party,
tea or special event! She will delight with stunning vocal and dance performances, imaginative stories and
games for the children! 

Also Available
by Request:

Cinderella (Classic Version) Tinkerbell Fairy
Alice in Wonderland
Frog Princess